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FreshGuard Denture Clean Concentrated Liquid Cleanser For Metal & Plastic Base Dentures - 3 Months Use

Using dentures changes the micro environment of the oral cavity. It creates a layer of bacteria and fungal growth in the mouth, which can cause inflammation and make your dentures more uncomfortable to wear.

FreshGuard has been specially developed to remove bacterial and fungal growth, leaving your dentures fresh and clean and comfortable to wear. It is extremely powerful but gentle enough so that it doesn't damage to metal or plastic base dentures.

The ingredients include glacial acetic acid and orthophosphoric acid which ensures it is effective at removing residues and plaque as well as removing bacterial and fungal growth, without damaging your dentures.

The product is supplied as a concentrated solution in a 250ml bottle so that you can add water to make up the cleaning solution when you need it. The prepared cleaning solution can be used for up to six days and the bottle will last up to 3 months, even when used daily.

Made in Finland with love.



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